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As clothing manufacturers, you do everything possible to ensure the quality of your work down the years. Once it gets into the hands of your customers, though, it's up to them to take it from there. That’s where custom care labels come in really handy. Care labels need to remain readable and unfaded for as long as the customer owns the clothing. Detailed instructions will ensure the products last and that your customers know how much you care about their purchase even after they’ve made it. HiLabels is here to help when you need to design your own care labels for clothing. We give you all the design options you could want, and then you’ll just insert your custom text. Learn more about how we think about fabric care labels here at HiLabels, and then get started designing your own with us!


Assuring lasting quality of your products with woven care labels

Your brand value is dependent on the enduring quality of your products. Customers get an idea of your brand from the custom labels or custom ribbons in your clothing, but woven care labels provide important washing information, as well. And, they’re easy to create with us! On top of that, every part of your product should say to the customer that you care about your work and the business they have given you. When you show you care with detailed and clear care labels, your customers will think even more highly of you as a brand. Our safe, high-quality woven materials make sure your laundry labels will remain legible for years to come. So why wait? Get started today, and see the difference HiLabels makes!


Why are care labels important?

Clothing manufacturers know that laundry tags are no small matter. There is no telling the kinds of mistakes that could occur in washing when someone doesn’t have access to the proper care instructions. You’ve probably seen it before. Red clothes bleed on their first few washes, turning every piece of white clothing that’s in the wash with them a nice pink color. Or a shirt that fits just right off the rack is now shrunken and too small after a wash in warm water. That’s why care labels are important. The details matter here. You don’t want to be in the position of a customer unintentionally ruining a piece of clothing because the washing instructions weren’t clear or were completely absent. With HiLabels woven care labels in place, your clothing will last longer! And by reading and following the specific instructions for each fabric type, your customers can be sure to protect their clothes from shrinking, fading, and more. Your custom care labels are also a good place to get more of your brand’s identity across to your customers. There’s room on the tags to convey more about the article of clothing itself. You could mention where it was manufactured, and whether it was made in an eco-friendly way. That’s brand character integrated right into your care labels. You have all those options with custom woven care labels from HiLabels. We’re here to make sure your clothes look great and stay that way for as long as possible!


Woven care label gallery

As we like to say, sometimes, you just need a little inspiration to get your own creative juices flowing. If you want to see some examples of the kinds of custom care labels you can create with HiLabels, check out our woven care label gallery. You always have options when you order from us. If you need any help finalizing your design or have any questions about the order process, please get in touch! For the best in all your custom care label needs, always trust HiLabels!


Create your own custom woven care labels

With our easy-to-use design tool, you can create all your own care labels for clothing. You’ll be able to choose your own preferences in all of these areas: label type, quality, text, background color, brand name, garment size, “Made in USA” designation, laundry symbols (select up to 5 symbols), and any additional care instructions in copy. Once we have your order, we will take care of turning your ideas into high-quality clothing care labels that won’t fade with time and will keep your products safe in washers and dryers everywhere!


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