Woven ribbons can add more style and personality to your products

Our custom woven ribbons are the perfect solution for adding a touch of class and professionalism to any product. Use them along the seams of jeans, on shirts, bags, or shoes, or even as the finishing touches on a wrapped gift. Their application is limited only by your imagination! You can be confident that your apparel will stand out from your competitors, safe in the knowledge that our high-quality materials ensure long-lasting durability and customer satisfaction. At HiLabels, you can create your own custom woven ribbons to suit your business needs. Learn more below about woven ribbons, how they work, what they’re used for, and how you can make your own beautiful designs through HiLabels!


Uses for custom ribbon

At HiLabels, we receive a lot of orders for personalized ribbons for stitching into clothing as brand logos. Here are some of the most common uses for customizable ribbons.

Clothing labels

Let’s start with an always-popular application - clothing labels! As we talked about on our custom woven labels page, clothing labels that are woven out of thread are much more durable, and of a higher quality, than printed labels. That’s because the threads are the elements that form the actual wording, design, and other information on a tag. So they won’t fade or wash out after a time. They’ll stay strong right there in the material. The same applies to a custom woven ribbon that you use for clothing. So, if you’re looking to impress customers and competitors alike, make your clothing stand out with some of our custom logo ribbons.


Jacquard clothing

If you want to talk about ribbon design, there’s nothing like a nice Jacquard ribbon to make your products really pop. You’ve probably seen Jacquard ribbons and not known it. These are tightly woven designs of highly intricate and complex patterns. They could be vibrant and colorful or dark and muted, but the trick is in their design. That kind of ribbon will draw all kinds of attention. The ribbon design is actually so tight and hardy that it’s been used on belts, ties, and many other articles of clothing.

Decor and gifts

Finally, you’ll find tons of applications for personalized ribbons in the areas of home and office decor and gift giving. Do you want some festive holiday bows adorning your desk or around your house? How about the last piece of the gift wrapping, the thing that will make your gift stand out and really add some character? Or what about sealing a bag of homemade baked goods that you plan to deliver somewhere? Custom woven ribbons solve all of those problems. And you’re not limited by anything here. With HiLabels, you can select your width, length, and your own artwork for your ribbon. It’s all up to you!


Types of woven ribbon we offer

There are many types of ribbon out there for customization and use in various kinds of manufacturing. There’s even woven and non-woven ribbon. We mentioned Jacquard-ribbon-style clothing above, but this is about the ribbon specifically, the type we offer here at HiLabels. Jacquard ribbon is named after French weaver Joseph Marie Jacquard, who did work on a programmable loom in the 19th century. Today, though, Jacquard ribbon is known for its complex designs and colors. In fact, the designs are so unique that clothing made with Jacquard ribbon usually has a correct and incorrect side, or a top and bottom, if you like. Anything with a Jacquard ribbon is really going to stand out visually. Let’s go over some of the main options you have when you order woven ribbon from us.


Different sizes

At HiLabels, we offer custom woven ribbons between the sizes of 0.47’’ (12mm) and 1.95’’ (50mm) in width. The width of your ribbon determines how prominent you want your name, logo, and other information to be on your clothing. Thin strips of ribbon are all that are needed for some manufacturers. Others prefer wider ribbons. You can choose your own style with HiLabels.

As much length as you need

Depending on your ribbon needs, you can also order as much length of your custom ribbon as you need. We do require a minimum order of 500 meters, or 546 yards. After that, however, we’ll produce as much as you need. Just enter it in the box for length, and the cost will update for your order.


Artwork size

When you select a width for your custom ribbon, you then have the option to choose the size of your artwork on the ribbon. Your selected width will appear in the artwork size box, and then you can use the slider to select your artwork size.


You can select either no finish or a starch finish on your ribbon.

Threads and colors

We also let you choose the number of threads and colors you want woven in your ribbon. Once you do that, you can select the exact colors you want.

Design notes and comments

As always with designs from HiLabels, we provide a box for you to specify details about your design project. We’re always happy to work with you to get you exactly what you want!


Woven ribbon gallery

If you’re looking for some ideas to get you started on making your own custom logo ribbon, you can check out our woven ribbon gallery. But, of course, if you need to talk about more specific details, feel free to get in touch with us at HiLabels today! Let us take care of all of your custom woven ribbons needs!

Getting started creating your own custom woven ribbon

If you know anything about us, you know that our easy-to-use website makes it simple to upload your custom woven ribbon artwork and select from a variety of ribbon widths, finishes, and colors. We are happy to take your designs and turn them into beautiful custom woven ribbons that fit your every need. Get in touch with us at HiLabels if you need any more information!



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