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With HiLabels, creating beautiful custom woven labels is super easy – even if you’ve never done it before! Just follow our simple guide, and in no time, you’ll have stunning labels that will perfectly represent your brand. Plus, our safe, high-quality materials make sure your labels look great for years to come. Learn more about woven labels below, so you’ll know what you want when it comes time to order.


Why choose woven labels?

Now, when it comes to label design, you might be wondering why you would choose woven labels at all over, say, printed labels. When we weave a label for an article of clothing, we use threads of cotton or polyester to create the logo or design you need. The end result, aside from looking attractive, is a much sturdier alternative to a printed label. Custom woven labels won’t deteriorate over time. They won’t fade, crack, or peel away. You could wash an article of clothing with a custom woven label a hundred times and still retain the label’s logo and other information. So why wait? Get started today in making your own custom woven labels, and see the difference HiLabels makes!


Types of woven labels

Now that you know the benefits of woven labels, you should know there is more than one type of label out there for your woven clothing tags.

Damask labels

Damask labels are the most commonly used type of label weave. The word “damask” simply means a reversible woven pattern. With damask labels, you’ll see the same pattern on the front as on the back. You can weave a damask design using 100-denier threads and 50-denier threads. Threads that are 100-denier are just twice the thickness of 50-denier threads. People often prefer 50-denier threads for their custom labels because the threads are smaller and so can create finer details in the label. But that’s nothing against 100-denier threads. People like those because they just look so good when they’re finished, plain and simple. We know you'll love any kind of damask-style, high-quality woven labels immediately when you see them.


Taffeta labels

You do have other choices for custom labels besides damask, though. Taffeta is one of those. Taffeta labels are polyester and not as smooth as Damask. There is less detail in Taffeta labels, so they are more suited for use as care labels, which are next to the skin and are typically not seen. However, one hidden benefit of taffeta labels is that they are a much more affordable option than other label types.

Satin labels

Then, you have satin labels, which are woven with a fine silk that feels smooth on skin. HiLabels doesn’t offer satin labels through our design program, but we do manufacture them, and you can specify them on our Bespoke page. You’ve surely seen these labels before, probably in your t-shirts. As you might expect, satin labels ultimately come out as silky smooth and shiny and glossy. They’re definitely made for clothing that may touch the skin, and they just look really good as an added bonus. In the end--whether you spring for damask, taffeta, or satin woven labels--you’ll have to decide where they will be stitched into the clothing to create the best experiences for the eventual wearers. Just know that all of our products at HiLabels are of the highest quality, and you’ll be happy with our materials no matter what you select.


Eco-size woven labels

Our Eco-size woven labels are select sizes that best fit onto our high-speed looms. When you choose one of these sizes, you can guarantee there will be minimal waste during production. This is not only good for the environment, but also good for you, as all Eco-size labels automatically receive a 5% discount!

Woven label gallery

If you need some inspiration for your own labels or just want to see what we have, you can check out our woven label gallery. There, you’ll find offerings such as custom woven clothing labels, ribbons, patches, zipper pulls, and so much more! Hope to hear from you!


Create your own custom woven label

Now that you know all about woven labels--including the different types and their specific advantages and uses--you’re probably ready to start making your own custom woven labels! Here’s a run-down on how it works. With our easy-to-use website, it’s simple to upload your own label artwork and select from a variety of label types, application methods, finishes, sizes, and colors. You can also write us some design notes and comments in case you need us to know something specific about your custom woven tags. Once you place your order, we will take care of turning your ideas into beautiful custom woven labels for clothing. Please let us know how we can help you! From all of us at HiLabels, we hope to fulfill your custom woven label needs soon!


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