Frequently asked questions

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How do I know what label style to select?

Understanding how the label will be applied will help you determine the style. There are 9 styles to choose from for labels.

How do I add the size of my product to the website?

Using the horizontal scroll bar, select the width and height for your label design. Please ensure the size reflects the size of the uploaded artwork, includes sewing margin(allowance), and that the size specified is the unfolded label size.

How do I select colors?

Choose the threads/colors that match the colors in your artwork from the “Select color” menu. Not all colors are available as threads, so choose the closest color from the selection. If you have a specific color that you can’t find a match for, select the closest thread/color then also enter all the color information into the “Design notes/comments” section and our design team will ensure the closest colored threads are selected.

What is the Design notes/comments section for?

Add additional notes, instructions, or upload any supporting files that you feel might be useful to our design and engineering teams for the design intent of your product.