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HiLabels is happy to offer custom zipper pulls to our customers who really want their clothing or other fashion products to stand out from the standard metal or plastic zippers. Let us ask you this: how often do you go around seeing clothing or purses or upscale handbags with your standard zippers on them? Sure, those zippers can be easy to install and definitely get the job done, but ask yourself what your brand is about. Do you have a certain attitude you like to convey to the public? Or are there colors or logos that you like to place strategically on your products? HiLabels is full of passionate zipper pull manufacturers who are thrilled to offer you custom woven zipper pulls for just those reasons! Whether you’re looking to make your existing brand stand out, or you want to establish brand attitude in a fun, eye-catching way, we have the zipper pulls you need. Learn all about the different uses for pulls below, and then get started in designing your own custom zipper pulls from HiLabels!


Elevate your branding with custom zipper pulls

Add a special branding touch to your handbag or clothing line with a high-quality woven zipper pull! Make sure your branding reflects who you really want to be by adding a unique, visually stunning woven zipper pull. Branding is really everything in business. Every shopper out there knows they have choices in pretty much every market these days. When people want a winter coat, a new purse, a handbag - they know they can choose from literally thousands of brand names. It’s so often the case, though, that the brands that win out are the ones with real character, the ones that go for a certain style and want their customers to know it, too. For instance, you might see some clothing companies springing for an unusual type of woven label or woven ribbons in their shirts or other clothing. Those tend to be the brands who know who they are and what they want to convey. Customers will respond to those unique traits in a brand. And part of that brand identity is in the visuals of a product. Your standard zipper is going to zip up that jacket all the same, but you’re losing an opportunity to get yourself out there. Our custom zipper pulls allow you to elevate your branding. Imagine how much oomph you’d get from a black jacket with a bright yellow zipper pull displaying your business name or logo. Or from a fancy purse that zippered open and closed with a pull that complemented the color of the bag. The thing is: few businesses do that! You have a chance to make your products and your brand stand out in the best of ways here. At HiLabels, we’re so happy that we can help play a role in that by letting you create custom decorative zipper pulls!


Types of zipper pulls

You have a few options when it comes to zipper pulls. At HiLabels, we clearly think woven pulls are the best way to go because they are the only kind that really allow you to express your brand’s personality. But let’s review what else is available on the market when you do business in the clothing or fashion space.

Plastic zipper pulls

Plastic pulls are fairly common across the industry. You see them on coats, jackets, some purses, and in various other odds-and-ends products. Plastic pulls do the job. They open and close the zipper just fine. These pulls can stand out from the crowd in their color, but otherwise, they are a fairly normal zipper pull for a product.


Metal zipper pulls

Just like plastic pulls, metal zipper pulls do the job well. You’ll find metal zippers on outerwear, most jeans, purses and handbags, and various other fashion products, too. Metal is sturdier than plastic and isn’t as susceptible to part of the zipper breaking.

Woven zipper pulls

Woven zipper pulls usually attach to an existing plastic or metal pull to add some flair, character, and a more noticeable brand aspect to your company’s products. They can really be fun, too, depending on the colors and messaging you put on your custom design with us!


Eco-size zipper pulls

Our Eco-size zipper pulls are select sizes that best fit onto our high-speed looms. When you choose one of these sizes, you can guarantee there will be minimal waste during production. This is not only good for the environment, but also good for you, as all Eco-size labels automatically receive a 5% discount!


Woven zipper pull gallery

You probably know how to get your custom zipper pulls to express the colors and logos of your brand, but maybe there are design elements you haven’t considered yet. Sometimes, it’s the case that so many options can lead to a bit of overthinking. We see it with our custom labels, ribbons, and definitely our custom woven patches. The options are often too numerous to handle. That’s okay! We want to help you out. Check out our woven zipper pull gallery to see some images of the possibilities available to you when you order from HiLabels. Let us know how else we can help with your order!


Customize your own zipper pulls

At HiLabels, we make it easy for you to design your own woven zipper pulls. All you have to do is upload your own zipper pull artwork and select padding or flat, single or double-sided, eco-size, and colors. Once ordered, we will take care of turning your ideas into beautiful decorative zipper pulls. If you have any questions along the way, know that you can reach out to us at any time during the process for clarification or help. We are here for you!


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