Create your design

Start your project by uploading your artwork file as either a hi-res PDF, JPG or EPS file. It should at 100% of the final size and at least 300dpi (or pixels per inch). Our customers either have their design agency provide this or create it themselves using a program such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW or Adode Photoshop. Your design can use up to 8 colors/threads with type kept above 6px for legibility. Due to the nature of the weaving process, photography and smooth gradations should be avoided for the best results. Remember to leave a 6mm sewing allowance if iron-on is not selected. Note: You can find additional information by clicking the “?” on the top right corner of each step.


Confirm label type & finish

Upload your design by clicking on the “CHOOSE FILE” button and selecting your artwork file from your computer. Your artwork will appear in the “Preview of selected artwork” window on the right had side of the screen. Choose the appropriate specifications from the choices on the left and they will appear in the summary opposite. Ensure you select the correct size and that it matches your artwork. Select the colors that correspond closest to your design - if you have specific colors, please list them along with any other design related notes in the “notes/comments” box. Once you have reviewed your entries in the summary, click the “ADD TO CART” button!


Payment & shipping

Click on the shopping cart icon to review your order and then move through the payment process. Enter your address for shipping/billing and then select your preferred payment method. Shipping costs are calculated based on the weight of your shipment with a choice of standard and expedited shipping. Once you place your order, we’ll get straight to work!


HiLabels review, production, & delivery

Then sit back, grab a coffee, and relax – we got this! Once we receive your order our design team will carefully review your file to ensure all the specifications are clear. If we see any issues, we’ll reach out immediately to resolve them. Your design will then move to our engineering department who will setup your file for production (between 4-5 weeks). Once complete and your order arrives at our warehouse, we will provide you with your tracking information.


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