10 Tips for choosing the right custom labels for your business


82% of consumers buy from brands that stand for a greater purpose.

That's such a large proportion of the market that it might as well be everybody. Brand recognition is the common denominator, and custom labels are one of the best methods of getting consumers to recognize your brand.

Yet many fail at the first hurdle. Ordering the wrong type of label can be expensive - and going ahead with an unproven design can be catastrophic.

This article teaches you how to make the right choice the first time. Don't go anywhere.

The difference a custom label makes

In the world of fashion and fashion accessories, to say custom labels make a world of difference would be an understatement. They're not simply hue-shifted pieces of fabric that nobody pays attention to.

Custom labels are personalized touches. They stand out, begging to be noticed, and add a unique flair and feel to every product. Custom labels showcase a brand's personality and professionalism. They elevate brands with a sense of authenticity and exclusivity.

Remember: Many customers shop by brand, and brand loyalty is priceless.

Think about all the high-end, globally active brands with instantly recognizable logos. Those logos are so hard-wired into our memory that we'd recognize them without even thinking.

And custom label printing is only the tip of the iceberg for branding opportunities. Think about it - your customers aren't only interested in what's inside the packaging if you understand how to tempt their intrigue.

Custom ribbons, for instance, can elevate product packaging to new heights. They're tailored to fit a brand's colors, patterns, and logo. A simple ribbon tied around a box or a bag makes the unboxing experience exciting and memorable.

Think that "unboxing" is irrelevant?

Watch a Hollywood romance 20 million times in a row. That's how many hours consumers have dedicated to watching unboxing videos on YouTube. So, in short: Labels, ribbons, and patches are powerful signifiers of quality.

You had better get them right when you place a bulk order.

Tip #1: Position your labels appropriately

The decision of where you position your woven labels on a product impacts every element of design - so it's the first thing you should think about.

Size, color, shape, and material all depend on where the label is. For instance, care labels on clothing items tend to be small and discreet, made of comfortable materials that won't scratch the skin.

Larger, more prominent labels are important for branding and promotion and help consumers to pick out your brand from the competition.

Think about your brand and your message and what it says about the people who wear your clothing. If consumers proudly display your logo, then your custom-woven labels should be positioned where they'll be seen.

Tip #2: Stay true to your brand

Customers need around seven interactions with a brand before considering a purchase. Keeping your branding consistent is vital for its success, as it makes the most of every interaction with customers.

So, everything you design must remain true to your brand.

Your woven labels should reflect your identity and stay consistent with your overall marketing strategy. Consider your brand's colors, logo, and font style when designing your custom labels. This helps customers recognize your products faster and build loyalty the more they come into contact with them.

Additionally, staying true to your brand ensures that your labels are consistent across products. The result is a cohesive, professional image.

Tip #3: Consider buying in bulk

Like any other bulk order, purchasing custom woven labels in bulk saves you time and money. That's because many manufacturers can produce higher quantities of the same product for less and like to pass their cost savings onto customers in the form of discounts for bulk orders.

Additionally, ordering in bulk ensures a consistent, on-hand supply. It reduces the risk of running out and having to rush orders, list products as out of stock, or even cancel customer orders outright.

However, before you place a bulk order, remember to request a sample (below) for quality control purposes.

Tip #4: Keep designs simple

Labels are meant to stand out without becoming an eyesore. They're also meant to convey one core message.

Usually, that message is your brand. Complex designs make it difficult for people unfamiliar with your products to interpret. They can also be difficult to reproduce accurately on woven labels.

Remember, too, that you may need to reprint your designs on smaller labels in the future.

Stick to simple, bold graphics and minimal text to ensure your labels are visually appealing and readable. A simple design helps labels to stand out from the competition and attract more customers to your products.

Tip #5: Keep text legible

Simple designs alone won't cut it. It's essential to keep the text on your woven label easy to read. Loyal customers will need to be able to identify your labels quickly. New ones should be able to read and comprehend its contents without struggling or squinting.

To that end, choose a clear and easy-to-read font. Avoid using overly decorative or intricate text that may be hard to read. Additionally, make sure the font size is large enough for customers to read it - but not so large that it overwhelms the design of your products.

Remember: Most labels will be viewed from a distance. Bear that in mind while you settle on a custom label design.

Tip #6: Choose the right materials

Clothing labels need to be (at least) as durable as the clothing items they're attached to. It's a sign of poor product quality if they tear or come off while the product is still in good condition - your name is on the label, so the last thing you want to happen is for it to fray and fall off with an annoyed customer eyeing it.

There are various materials available for custom ribbons and labels. Polyester and cotton are two of the most common.

Consider factors such as the type of product the label will be attached to, the desired look and feel of the label, and the environmental conditions it will be exposed to. For instance, a product that's exposed to high temperatures might require a more durable material like polyester.

Tip #7: Work with a reputable supplier

Working with a reliable manufacturer will ensure your labels are delivered on time with the expected standards. A reliable manufacturer will provide high-quality woven labels that accurately represent your design and are durable enough to withstand the test of time.

Research different manufacturers and read reviews from past clients to verify they have a track record of success.

You may consider working with a manufacturer that offers design assistance and feedback to ensure your labels are perfect for your needs.

Tip #8: Sample before committing

Before ordering a large quantity of custom-woven labels, you should request samples from the manufacturer. This will allow you to evaluate their quality, as it's likely the appearance of the labels will differ from how they appear on a computer screen.

This is a vital step that prevents you from wasting resources. Seeing the labels in person will also let you make adjustments to the design and colors before placing a bulk order.

Remember: The appearance of your labels will impact how your customers perceive your brand.

Tip #9: Opt for eco-friendly and washable

Consider eco-friendly, washable materials for your clothing labels. Marketing your brand as an eco-friendly alternative is growing increasingly important in a world of environmentally conscious customers.

This will help reduce your business's environmental impact and make sure your labels withstand washing and regular wear.

Tip #10: Gather feedback

Finally, gather as much feedback as possible. Customers, colleagues, and employees are all valuable sources of information. Feedback provides insight into what works and what could be improved.

Gathering outside opinions of your labels will shine a light on aspects and ideas you hadn't thought of. In particular, ask for opinions on aspects such as:

  • The legibility of the text
  • The choice of font
  • The color palette
  • The impression the design gives
  • The overall appearance of the design

Custom labels that make an impact

High-quality custom labels nurture your brand's professional image. By following these ten tips and never compromising on quality, your business will be on its way to selecting the perfect custom-woven labels. Stay true to your brand and true to your customers.

So, why wait?

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