10 Tips for Using a Woven Ribbon to Promote Your Brand

Woven ribbon

Did you know that most small businesses are less than a decade old? Starting a business is tough, but one of the hardest parts is earning steady brand recognition. Many brands have begun adopting stylish, durable woven ribbon products to help in their marketing.

But why should you use woven ribbons for your brand, and what are the benefits of custom ribbons? If you’re curious about custom ribbon products, we’re here to help. Read on for the ten greatest perks of using custom woven ribbons for your brand.

1. Durable Material

The first thing you’ll notice about woven ribbon is that it’s significantly more durable than other materials. Many brands will cut corners where they can, particularly where finances are involved.

It’s understandable to want to save money, especially as a new business. But cutting corners in too many places can end in a negative customer experience.

Using low-quality materials for your labels will harm your customer’s experience. Think of clothes with shrinking, fraying labels. Tags on a shirt’s collar can irritate the skin if they’re made of poor materials.

Using woven ribbons will keep the material soft and comfortable. Woven ribbons will also last longer than most other materials. Best of all, the expense is far from exorbitant, helping to keep you from needing to cut corners.

2. Clear Communication

Labels that fray or deteriorate over time are often dangerous. Tags that show specific care instructions must communicate those instructions clearly. Woven ribbon tags are able to show clearer messages for longer due to their durability.

This is most prevalent in cloth products, like tags on clothing. You’ll also enjoy stronger communication in banners, strings, marketing, and more.

A banner of woven ribbon will present the necessary information clearly and stylishly. If your ribbon has your brand’s name, the first impression is crucial. Your customers are more likely to return if your brand’s name is woven into the fabric rather than printed onto wrinkling paper.

3. Resistant to Wear and Tear

Many materials are durable, so what makes woven ribbon better? Durability deals with the material’s resistance to cutting, tearing, or ripping.

However, we’ve all dealt with fabrics that lose luster or color over time. Woven ribbons are much less likely to lose their sheen through the material’s lifetime.

A shirt that you wash repeatedly will eventually have the labels fade or fray. You likely own several older garments of clothing with labels that have shrunk and curled into themselves. These labels are difficult to read and are often uncomfortable.

The resistance to wear and tear that woven ribbon provides will stop your brand’s promotion from fading. Whether it’s the name of your product on fabric or avoiding weathering, this material is perfect. Make sure your brand’s promotion isn’t printed on low-quality, easily-discarded materials!

4. Adds Flair and Style

There are many situations where using woven ribbon will help to improve your brand’s image. For example, when was the last time you received a business card or flyer?

Instead of using these mundane promotional materials, consider switching to woven ribbons. If you give customers small woven ribbons in lieu of business cards, they’re more likely to hold onto them.

But how can you give customers small pieces of ribbon and expect much in return?

One great idea is to promote these pieces as bookmarks. If you’re promoting something that’s related to literature, this is a fantastic way to reach your target demographic. 

You can also make the woven ribbons into keychains or zipper tassels. With the appropriate creativity, you can turn woven ribbons into stylish bits of flair. Your customers will keep these ribbons for their practical use and aesthetical benefit.

5. Matches Your Aesthetic

Using brand promotional material that doesn’t match your brand will lead to issues. Many customers associate an aesthetic or image with a brand. For example, 38% of customers state that the logo of a brand is the first thing they recognize.

This aesthetic may involve your color scheme, promotional art style, product, and more. Oftentimes, companies will choose cheaper marketing and promotion that may not match this aesthetic.

When your aesthetics are muddled like this, customers can become confused. Such confusion drastically harms your brand’s recognizability and image.

Using woven ribbon can help to perfect your aesthetic. Whether you’re matching a color scheme or creating a durable logo, your woven ribbons are indispensable. Here at HiLabels, we can work with you to create a custom ribbon that matches your desires perfectly.

6. Environmentally Minded Labeling

Business cards and flyers often end up in the trash within the hour they’re given out. Flyers are often seen as trash items discarded as soon as a recycling bin comes by. Some environmentally-minded customers also don’t appreciate the massive amount of paper flyers used.

Woven ribbon labels are washable, reusable, and often recyclable. You should check with your local city to see if there are cloth or fabric recycling standards to abide by.

These ribbons are more durable as well, which helps provide a better environmental impact. While flyers, paper tags, or paper stickers are easy to ruin, ribbons will last longer. They’re also resistant to water and will dry rather than ruin.

Keep the environmental impact of your promotional material in mind. As the world moves toward a greener-minded populace, you can get ahead of the curve. You’ll also quickly earn the faith and approval of customers that look for environmental benefits.

7. Adds Character to Your Brand

One of the most difficult parts of brand recognition is standing out from the crowd. Did you know that the United States alone has nearly 33 million small businesses? There are more businesses every year, making it difficult to find your ground.

Using memorable promotional materials is a great way to help your brand stand out. Using a personalized woven ribbon can help to make your product stick in the minds of your customers.

Many may keep their ribbon around as a novelty, bookmark, or other practical use. You can cement yourselves in the minds of others with these notable, novel ribbons.

You can also use woven ribbons as a fun attraction at local promotion events. Are you bringing your business to a local flea market, farmer’s market, or open market? You’ll have dozens of other businesses to compete with!

To help yourself stand out, consider attaching your woven ribbons to a board. Instruct customers to take one as they pass in lieu of a business card. On these ribbons, you can weave your business’s name, logo, address, website, and more!

You can also market these woven ribbons as bracelets if they’re large enough. Get creative with how you use custom woven ribbons to promote your company. A small amount of creativity is all it takes to make your brand stick out to customers.

8. Customizable and Versatile Labels

Some mediums aren’t flexible enough to capture your brand. Flyers, cards, posters, and boards can only go so far before their limits are stretched.

Using custom woven labels, you can create a more versatile label. One of the best ways is through the type of ribbon you choose.

Damask labels are a popular option. Damask labels use a reversible woven pattern, making them easier to read. The information is on both sides, helping make these labels favorable for their plain, simple, minimalist appearance.

9. Fit For Decor

Woven ribbon is more than small tags. You can order an entire roll of wholesale custom ribbon to promote your brand.

With a roll of custom ribbons, you can create banners, streamers, and more. These uses help you to get the most out of your woven ribbons.

Rather than sticking to small, easily-lost tags, you can use these ribbons to decorate. If you’re trying to stand out in a crowd, using your woven ribbons for this purpose is excellent. You can also make a banner of the woven ribbons for customers to take as they would a card.

10. Additional Artwork

Woven labels can hold more than a brand name and simple message. You can weave a small logo, minimalist image, and more into a ribbon.

Adding the additional artwork will help your brand stick out and give you more recognition. Customers are also more likely to hold onto the ribbon if it’s attractive or artsy. Some customers may collect these ribbons for their artwork!

The artwork may also make customers less likely to throw the ribbons away. Such a design helps your labeling become more environmentally friendly and cut down on waste.

Using Custom Woven Ribbon

Woven ribbon is a great way to make your brand more recognizable and cut down on waste. Customers will enjoy receiving a high-quality custom ribbon instead of a wasteful paper card or flyer. While these ten benefits are the most crucial upsides of woven ribbons, there are countless more!

If you’d like to order a set of custom woven ribbons, be sure to check out our customizable options. You can also contact us to learn more about the many benefits of using custom ribbons for your business.

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