How to make a clothing tag that is custom to your business


It's breathtaking that the global fashion industry is worth over $1.7 trillion.

If you're in the business of selling clothes, you understand the importance of branding and making your products stand out. The humble clothing tag is an often overlooked but crucial aspect of your clothing line's identity.

Do you want to know how to make a clothing tag? Read on to explore how to make a clothing tag that's custom to your business.

Why custom clothing tags matter

Before delving into the details of creating custom clothing tags, let's understand why they are essential for your business. Clothing tags serve many purposes:


Custom tags provide an opportunity to showcase your brand's logo, name, and message. This branding helps customers recognize your products and builds brand loyalty.


High-quality clothing tags give your garments a professional look and feel. They convey a sense of care and attention to detail that will make people choose you over your competitors.

Product information

Tags can contain important information about the garment, such as fabric composition, care instructions, and size. This helps customers make clothing decisions with confidence.


Custom clothing tags add an air of legitimacy to your business. They show that you're serious about your brand and committed to delivering quality products.

Creating custom woven clothing labels

Understanding the importance of clothing tags will help you move forward with grace. Now, we can move on to how you can create custom woven labels for your business.

Choose a design for tag clothes

Creating custom clothing tags begins when you design your label. Decide on the color, font, and size of the text, as well as any images or logos you want to include. Your label should reflect your brand's identity and style.

Select a material

Woven clothing labels are a popular choice for their durability and professional appearance. They can be made from various materials, such as satin, damask, or taffeta.

This gives you the opportunity to choose a material that aligns with the image you want to project for your brand.

For example, say your brand's mission is to produce more eco-friendly apparel items. In that case, you can list information about your manufacturing ethical manufacturing practices or recycled fabrics.

Find a reliable supplier

To ensure the quality of your custom clothing tags, partner with a reputable custom care label supplier. Look for a company that specializes in creating woven labels for clothing. They should be able to provide samples and assist you in choosing the right material and design for your labels.

Provide necessary information

Share your label design and any specific requirements with the supplier. Include the following details:

  • The dimensions of the label
  • The type of fold (e.g., centerfold or end fold)
  • Any extra features like a straight cut or a laser-cut edge

This ensures that your vision of the tag can come to life.

Include required care instructions

Did you know that if you manufacture or import the clothes you sell, you are legally required to follow the FTC's Care Labeling Rule? The only exception is if you sell accessories like shoes, hats, or belts.

Otherwise, your brand can get in trouble with the FTC if you fail to include:

  • Washing instructions
  • Fiber content
  • Manufacturing country
  • Manufacturer registered identification number
  • Hazard instructions

To learn more about these requirements and the consequences of failing to adhere to them, click the link above and read the full article on our blog.

Review and approve a sample

Before production begins, ask for a sample of your custom-woven label to ensure it meets your expectations. Review the sample for color accuracy, texture, and whole quality.

Place your order

Once you are satisfied with the sample, you can place your order for the desired quantity of labels. Consider ordering extra labels to have on hand for future clothing items or for replacements.

Attach the labels

When your custom-woven labels arrive, it's time to attach them to your garments. This can be done by sewing, heat pressing, or using adhesive. Make sure the labels are securely attached and aligned correctly to maintain a professional appearance.

Woven vs. printed labels: which is right for your brand?

Now that you know how to create custom clothing tags, let's explore the difference between woven and printed labels. This will help with selling clothes from your brand.

Woven labels

Woven labels are created by weaving threads together to form the label's design. They're known for their durability and high-quality appearance. Woven labels are ideal for brands that want a classic and elegant look for their products.

They can include intricate details and fine text due to the weaving process. Woven labels also maintain their shape and appearance even after multiple washes. This makes them a long-lasting clothing tag choice.

Printed labels

Printed labels are more affordable options for clothing tags. They can be made of TPU (a type of plastic) or polyester. Then, companies print branding and care instructions on the label using ink.

The benefits of printed labels include that there are almost limitless ways to design them. But compared to woven labels, this option doesn't offer the same high-end look or durability. Additionally, they are not always as eco-friendly as woven clothing tags.

Using woven and printed labels

The best strategy for your brand may be to utilize both woven and printed labels. Woven labels are perfect for small lines of text, such as your brand name.

Meanwhile, printed labels work better for large blocks of text. Consider utilizing these types of tags for the care instructions.

This is how to wake a clothing tag that's custom to your business

Did you appreciate this guide on how to make a clothing tag? Custom clothing tags are vital to effectively establish and promote your brand in the competitive fashion world. These labels add a professional touch to your garments and serve as a powerful branding tool.

Are you eager to design and order custom-woven labels that truly represent your business? HiLabels would love to team up and help your clothing business flourish. Take a look at our label services so we can get started.

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