What to Look for When Choosing Care Labels: A Guide

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The global fashion industry produces between 100 to 150 billion items of clothing per year. Not all of these items are of the same quality, with many failing to sell. There are multiple reasons why this happens, but a surprising and often overlooked reason is because of the care labels.

Consumers value the care label in clothing for different reasons, but mainly to check the fiber content. And not every care label option is the same, which is why you should do your research when looking for care labels for your business.

So, where do you begin? Read on to learn what you need to look for when choosing care labels, so you can find the best option for your needs. 

What Is a Care Label?

When you take a look at your clothing, there are usually two or more labels unless you have cut them out. The care label is the label you should protect because it has the instructions you need to keep your clothes in optimum condition. 

It usually includes instructions such as information about the garment, how to clean the garment, and how to care for it. It is also possible that information such as microfiber pollution will be listed in the future. And most importantly, it helps you know what not to do, which can save a lot of items from being shrunk in the wash. 

Care labels are also mandatory, with companies having guidelines to follow when producing items. So, care labels should be a top priority for your business. 

The Importance of Your Care Labels

When selecting care labels for your company, it may be tempting to leave it as a last-minute detail. However, care labels serve many functions, including:

  • Meeting rules and regulations
  • Demonstrating how professional your company is
  • Providing customer service for consumers
  • Helping consumers care for your clothes
  • Protecting your product and its reputation
  • Increasing chance of good reviews for your product

A good care label can be the difference between your business being a success or struggling to survive. Around 50% of businesses fail within the first five years due to a variety of factors. Failing to meet customer expectations or regulations are common reasons why businesses struggle.

There are some factors you cannot control. However, your care labels are one that you do have a say over. A quality care label demonstrates you care about your product and increases the chance your customers will care for the item appropriately. If they care for the product properly, it will last, demonstrating its quality and increasing the chance of your company maintaining its reputation.

What to Look For in Care Labels

When you begin to look for custom care labels, it can feel overwhelming. There are a lot of care label regulations and types to consider. However, you can look out for these factors to help narrow down your options.  

Type of Care Label

An excellent place to start is to decide on the type of care label you would like. There are two main types of care labels; woven or printed. Printed care labels are usually made of:

  • Cotton
  • Satin
  • A poly blend
  • Tyvek

You then digitally print your design onto the care label. They usually offer custom care label options. However, printed labels do not last as long as woven labels.

Custom woven care labels usually use polyester and cotton to weave together the label and the design. They last longer than printed labels and are high quality. 

Size Options

An important consideration when choosing care labels is the size. You want the labels to be large enough that they can fit all the essential information but not so they are uncomfortable for the wearer. It is important to remember that you should include the following information on your label:

  • Laundry care details 
  • Country of origin
  • Manufacturer information 
  • Fiber content 

It is essential to check the care label requirements for your country. You may need to provide information in different languages and include care label symbols. You may also want certain features on your care label, so consider the size so it is readable and can include all the information. 


When looking at custom care labels, consider their durability. Care labels should last so customers are satisfied with the product. It also reduces labor for you, as customers will not be calling to get the details they can no longer read on the label. 

Several factors impact the durability of your label. First, whether a label is woven or printed. If you want a durable care label, it is best to pick a woven option. 

Secondly, the durability of the label will depend on the company you choose to create it. Check their manufacturing method and the material used.

Branding and Other Design Services 

Your care label is an extension of your brand. You should consider your design options when looking for care labels, so they can be consistent with your branding. You can also see if the company offers other types of labels, such as patches.  

Patches can add extra details to your design and reflect your care label design. You can also use patches for your clothing labels. Another option is woven ribbons, which can add more style and brand personality to your products. Ribbons can also have different purposes, for example, acting as clothing labels.

So, when you are looking for care labels, it is also useful to check if the provider offers other design services. This can help you stay on-brand and consistent with all your label needs. 

Customizable Options

When choosing care labels, check what customizable options are available for you. Look out for custom care labels that can meet all your needs. These should include the following: 

  • Label type
  • Text
  • Background color
  • Brand name
  • Country designation
  • Laundry symbols
  • Additional care instructions 

Sometimes care labels do not include additional care instructions for example. Do not settle for care labels that do not meet your needs, as you may need to change providers at a later date or could face costly consequences if there is no space to provide all the essential labeling information. 

Care Label Costs 

It is important to budget for care labels, so you can have a quality finish on your products. It is important to remember that the cheapest option does not mean the best quality and the most expensive service is not necessarily the best.

Instead, check there are no hidden costs. Ask if there are certain pricing options and consider other factors, such as services provided, to determine what care label company is worth the investment. 

Easy Design Process

How easy is the design process for your care labels? You do not want to have to spend hours creating your care labels. Find a service that makes the process as easy as possible without sacrificing quality. 

Look out for a platform that provides intuitive software that makes the design process efficient. It should give you confidence and save you time, so you can focus on other ways to build your brand.

Turnaround Time

It is no use picking custom care labels that cannot be delivered promptly or cannot give an accurate delivery prediction. Find a service that has a fast turnaround, so you can receive your order in the shortest time. Usually, companies that have looms running 24/7 will be able to offer a fast turnaround for your labels. 

Company Reputation

You not only want high-quality labels but a high-quality company too. A company may look great on paper, but check that its promises match its reviews. You want to work with a partner you can trust, which will enhance your project and not inhibit it.

You never know when you will need to contact customer service regarding your project. Check if the company has positive reviews and provide ways to contact them should you require support.

Company Experience and Production 

When choosing care labels, also look for a company with a sufficient amount of experience to create your products. Look for a company that has impressive turnovers, invests in the latest weaving technology, and has quality factory facilities. 

Check that the company is well-established and has been serving your industry, as it increases the chance they will get your care labels right the first time. You can also look for a company that offers frequent training to its staff and outlines how it guarantees a high-quality finish, such as with hand-cutting. 

The Best Custom Care Labels 

Now you know what to look for when choosing custom care labels. Following these tips will help you find the best quality care labels the first time. A reputable label manufacturer will help make the process as easy as possible, supporting you in creating your ideal care labels.

And why stop there? You can also consider your other label needs. Many label manufacturers offer a variety of types of labels and services. HiLabel’s factory has been serving the needs of multiple industries for over 27 years.

Contact us today to get started with your care labels. 

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