Why are clothing labels so important in the apparel industry?

Purchase any branded clothing and you’ll notice that they all have unique labels to make them easily identifiable. These labels usually have the brand’s name on them, their logo, and perhaps some information on how to wash them properly. This style of branding helps to keep your collection consistent, and it gives people peace of mind knowing that they’re buying from a reputable brand and not some cheap copy.

Clothing labels are surprisingly important in the apparel industry for reasons like this, but there are many fashion startups that neglect how crucial it is. So, in this post, we’re going to be covering a couple of reasons why clothing labels are so important, but also give you a few ways to stand out with how you design them.

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Clothing labels can explain how to wash something

Taking care of your garments properly can improve their longevity. But with so many different fabrics and care instructions, it can be difficult for people to remember exactly how to wash or iron something. By including the correct industry-standard care instructions, anyone around the world can easily look at your clothing labels to figure out how they should wash your garments.

Not sure what care symbols to use on your clothing labels or laundry tags? We’ve got an article that covers all of the major care symbols. If you’re still unsure, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts at HiLabels for more information.

Clothing labels help to grow your brand

When you first get started with a fashion brand, it’s common to use blanks as a base to print on. For instance, Gildan offers a great balance of comfort and value, and it’s one of the most popular brands for startups. But while the Gildan logo is iconic in many ways, it’s not something you want to see when you buy a garment from a fashion brand. It screams that they’re cheap, lazy, and can’t afford (or be bothered to) replace the clothing label with their own brand.

Not only does it make your brand seem cheap and lazy, but it also means that they have no idea who made their shirt. You might have your logo on the shirt itself, but if you’re making unique designs that don’t show your brand name then, it’s much better to have a clothing label for consistency and ease of identification.

Simple printed sew-on labels for clothing are all you really need. As long as it has your logo and a few care symbols, it’s good enough to help people identify your brand.

Improving your brand with woven labels

So we’ve touched on the importance of having clothing labels, but simple printed ones usually won’t cut it. In fact, it’s considered standard to have printed tags on your clothing, so how do you stand out from other brands?

One method is to use woven tags for clothing instead of printed ones. Printed labels are inexpensive and can help grow your brand, but there are more premium options out there such as woven labels for clothing.

Advantages of woven tags for clothing

• Much more durable than printed labels. This is because woven labels use fabric instead of ink, meaning they don’t fade away after several washes. They’re much more durable and the care instructions will never be erased from the cleaning process.

• Feel premium compared to printed labels. The look and feel of woven labels for clothing is much more premium than standard printed labels. They’re far more sophisticated and buyers appreciate them.

• People love a good label. Having a beautiful woven clothing label can get people talking about your brand. There are entire Instagram pages dedicated to clothing labels which goes to show how much people love them.

• They can look amazing when done right. Lots of clothing brands prefer printed labels because they can create intricate and complex designs since they’re digitally printed. However, woven labels can also look fantastic when done right, and they’ll keep other advantages such as being more durable.


Clothing labels are incredibly important for showing care instructions and building your brand, but the way you approach them can also have a major impact on how people perceive your brand. If you’re unsure about how to approach clothing labels, then don’t hesitate to contact us at HiLabels for more help. Whether you’re looking for help designing a new woven label or simply want assistance in producing them, we’d be more than happy to help.

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