How woven labels can enhance your brand

Have you ever stopped to think about how people in the past lived without product identification? Today clothing labels are indispensable, being a way to identify, inform the customer and add value to brands.

In this technological and informational age, one cannot imagine a world without “naming things.” Today to launch a brand in the market, a detailed study is carried out, research that results in symbols, representative colors, and the very important “brand name”.

Clothing labels have a role, to identify and inform the consumer, in addition to bringing recognition to a brand.

But when did they become so important? What are clothing labels for? Continue reading this article to find out.

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What are clothing labels for?
Today labels are indispensable in textile products, their purpose is to convey information about the garment, material compositions, washing instructions through symbols, and inform the size of the garment.

However, using labels on clothes is also a way to get to know the brand, know the country of origin, and more information about the elements that contribute to its visual identity.

Why use labels on clothing?
Labels allow the customer to identify your brand, which is a great way to advertise your products.

Using labels on products is necessary for every manufacturer, so it should be planned very carefully.

Before choosing your method of identifying your textile product, think about the material used in the label, after all, the quality of the label allows your brand to make history over time and stand out from your competitors.

Woven labels, for example, are produced with fabric filaments that do not fade over time, being a great material to highlight your brand.

Why are clothing labels so important?
In addition to informing the country of origin and size of the garment, labeling clothing is just as important as food labels.

They represent the quality of the garment, highlighting the raw material used to manufacture the product and all pertinent information that helps better preserve your garment.

Among these, precautions should be added on the use of chemicals during washing and drying options for the garment.

Since 1994, our HiLabels factory has served the clothing, footwear, bed, table, and bath sectors by producing high-quality woven labels.

Our goal is to identify and add value to your brand by providing high-quality products, good value, and exceptional service.

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