Creating your custom woven labels

There are several stages in the process of creating a HiLabels’ custom woven label. The process starts with the creation of a concept for the brand, inspiration can be drawn from many areas, and we provide access to our downloadable HiLabels sample catalog here to help inspire this process.

In our free samples catalog, you can find creative solutions for woven labels suitable for a range of applications. From woven labels for clothing to all types of apparel from bed, table, bath, and even shoes!

Of course, deciding on a design for your label which communicates your brand clearly is just the first step in the process. As needed our HiLabels design department is always available to help, and along with our production team, will ensure your expectations are exceeded.

HiLabels How It Works

How we design your woven label.

The creative process of your label can be carried out in two ways: as mentioned, you can send us your label artwork and specifications via our website, or the HiLabels design department can create your artwork (5K label minimum).

If HiLabels is creating the label design, a creative briefing is scheduled with you to understand your expectations and needs. After establishing the brief, the creative team goes through a design exploration, from the type of label and finishes, to how the colors are applied, and the possibility of a background effect. Next, ideas will be developed, and you select the best label design option for your brand.

If you do not have a logo for your brand, our design team can create a few different options for use on the labels.

Regardless of the size of your company, the HiLabels team is here to help and deliver woven labels which exceed your expectations!

Our step-by-step production process

 Once you have created a label design you’re happy with you can upload the artwork to our website at https://hilabels.com/labels-custom/. We accept a range of file formats including Hi-resolution PDF, JPG, and EPS. If you need to create a woven label in a very high volume or with unique features, you can contact us via our bespoke project page.

• After uploading your file, simply select the size, style, finish, and the number of colors that match your artwork and the quantity needed. Then simply place your order and we’ll take care of the rest!

Once we receive your order, our design team will carefully review your file to ensure all the specifications are clear. If we see any issues, we’ll reach out immediately to resolve them.

Your design will then move to our engineering department, which will set up your file for production on our state-of-the-art looms.

We then weave a batch of test samples for review by our design and technical teams to ensure we meet our high-quality standards. Once approved, we start production of your order.

Once manufacturing is complete and your order arrives at our warehouse, we will provide you with your tracking information.

What materials are used in HiLabels woven labels?

Warp and weft are the two components used in weaving to turn yarn into fabric. The warp is the set of yarns stretched in place on a loom. Then the interworking of the weft yarns during the weaving process creates the label pattern or design. The key raw materials we use in this weaving process are polyester yarn, cotton yarn, and our collection of recycled polyester yarn (ecolabel).

The recycled yarn (ecolabel) is produced from PET bottles that would typically end up in landfills or polluting our oceans. Through a combination of technology, raw material, and recycled materials these new yarns are making woven labels more sustainable.

Investing in you and the planet

The HiLabels factory in Brazil is certified by ABVTEX, OEKO-TEX, and DISNEY, which highlights our commitment to maintaining product quality and environmental responsibility.

All HiLabels, products undergo strict quality control, which ensures we deliver the highest quality product to our customers within the shortest delivery period.

Download the HiLabels Sample Book for inspiration for your next woven product!

Learn more about woven labels by visiting our website or contact us if you have questions or need help with a bespoke project.

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